My metal mosaics are inspired by a gorgeous piece of metalwork that my relatives found overseas. I found myself so enamored with it, studying it and marveling at it during each visit to their home, that I dedicated a full year to figuring out how to create my own. Countless trips to hardware store later, I now paint, enamel, and distress copper and steel squares, arrange them into eye-catching arrays of kaleidoscopic color, pattern, texture and shine, and show my one-of-a-kind metal mosaics at a lovely art gallery in Southern California. 

Commissions are welcome. I collaborate with collectors, interior decorators and set designers to create custom mosaics. One of my large custom mosaics is featured on the set of the Netflix original series, “Disjointed,” starring Kathy Bates, and two smaller mosaics are displayed on the set of the CBS series, "Living Biblically" with Camryn Manheim.  Please contact me to arrange a studio visit or gallery visit and we can collaborate on a custom piece that perfectly complements your space. With so many potential variations for each tile, and so many ways to arrange them, the possibilities are endless.