On each visit to my relatives' home I'd marvel at a beautiful piece of metalwork they'd found overseas. I was so enchanted and inspired by it that over the course of a year I applied my painting background, affinity for hardware stores and love of experimentation with art supplies to create this body of work. 

To create my metal mosaics, I paint, enamel, and distress copper and steel squares and then arrange them into eye-catching arrays of kaleidoscopic color, pattern, texture and shine. With so many potential variations for each tile, and so many ways to arrange them, the possibilities are endless.

To make each piece unique and engaging - the kind of artwork you keep returning to look at, noticing something different each time - I constantly experiment with different metals, enamels, paints, tools, heating techniques and connective hardware.  

Many of my one-of-a-kind metal mosaics are on display at the Ten Women Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Commissions are welcome. I collaborate with collectors, interior decorators and set designers to create custom mosaics; one of my large custom mosaics is featured on the set of the upcoming Netflix original series, “Disjointed,” starring Kathy Bates. Two smaller mosaics are displayed on the set of the upcoming CBS series, "By the Book" with Camryn Manheim.  Please contact me to arrange a studio visit or order a custom piece that perfectly complements your space.