• Santa Monica, CA
  • United States

The Ten Women Gallery on Montana Avenue launched Santa Monica Rocks!  Here's how to play: Paint/draw on/stencil/embellish a rock and hide it somewhere in Santa Monica. Be sure to write “Santa Monica Rocks” and, if you’d like, your name on the back. (If you shellac your rock with spray or Mod Podge it will last much longer). Now, go hide your beautiful rock! If you need a rock, come by the gallery (1128 Montana Ave.) to pick up a rock donated by Bourget Brothers.

Each time you hide or find a rock, take a photo and post it on Facebook: Facebook.com/groups/santamonicarocks or tag it on Instagram @santamonicarocks. https://www.instagram.com/santamonicarocks/

Then, either hide the rock someplace else for others to discover, or keep it and replace it with one of your own design!  Remember: Follow all City laws regarding private property and public access.