"I have never thought of myself as an art collector, but when I saw Debra's metal mosaics I was so transfixed, I realized that I wanted to have my very own piece to hang on my wall for inspiration and a sense of calm every day. Though the mosaic is created with a strong, flat, hard substance, its ability to express light, tranquility, beauty and airiness is amazing. Debra is a true artist who can bring together different mediums to create harmonious pieces that feel completely natural and pure." - Carrie Berman (Santa Monica, CA)

"The minute I saw the shimmering colors at the street fair, I knew I needed a mosaic. Meeting Debra and learning her process, then I knew I needed to have her make me one.  She visited my house, took notes on what I liked, sifted through tiles from a vast colored collection, and I made one of the great decisions of my life:  I ordered my own.  Debra was with me every step of the way, inviting me to her studio to review my mosaic and to shift colors and tiles, and e-mailing with pictures and other choices.  When I arrived to pick up my mosaic, it was far more grand than I had ever expected.  I meant to hang it in my yard, but I replaced a picture in my living room with Debra’s creation.  I appreciate it often, daily." - Wendy Fairbanks (Venice, CA)

"I received a piece of Debra's art for my birthday. It is absolutely a one-of-a-kind piece of art. She puts so much time and effort into creating a piece that is personal to you.  I could not be more pleased and happy with it. I proudly have it hanging in my living room and get compliments from all who visit."  -  Mona G. (Mar Vista, CA)