metal art for your home or office


To create her metal mosaics, Deb paints, torches, enamels, and distresses copper and steel squares and then arranges them into eye-catching arrays of kaleidoscopic color, pattern, texture and shine. With so many potential variations for each tile, and so many ways to arrange them, the possibilities are endless.

This line of artwork was inspired by a gorgeous piece of metalwork that Deb’s in-laws, Tema and Ken, bought on a trip to Estonia. During each visit to their home, Deb found herself so enamored with the piece, studying it and marveling at it endlessly, that she dedicated a full year to figuring out how to create her own. After countless trips to hardware stores and metal shops, she showed her metalwork at art fairs, got commissions for custom work and then joined a lovely art gallery in Southern California.

To make each piece unique and engaging - the kind of artwork you keep returning to look at, noticing something different each time - she constantly experiments with different metals, enamels, paints, tools, heating techniques and connective hardware.  

IN Santa Monica, ca

 At the Abbot Kinney Festival in September 2016

Deb makes her one-of-a-kind metal mosaics and enameled jewelry in her Santa Monica art studio and sells it at the Ten Women Gallery on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA. 


 Squares were customized to match the clients’ decor, including colorful pillows and rugs, and tiles both inside and outside of the house. Squares were also inspired by and personalized for individual family members; note the three custom UC Berkeley squares for the family’s alumni!

order your own!

Custom orders are welcome. Please contact Deb to arrange a studio visit, in person or over FaceTime, and collaborate on a custom piece that perfectly complements your space. 

If you're in Southern California, come see Deb’s work at the Ten Women Gallery on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica.



“Working with Deb exceeded every possible expectation…”

Her artwork is magnificent, but what made the experience of working with Deb unique and extraordinary was both her complete dedication to process and her commitment to partnership. Deb worked tirelessly to make every aspect of her piece the best it could be, from consulting engineers and chemists to endless experimentation. This extraordinary dedication is reflected in the awe-inspiring final piece. Collaborating with Deb was unlike any other commission — she included me in every aspect of the design and creative process, which gave me a unique sense of ownership and perspective on Deb’s final masterpiece.  It was a true joy to work with Deb and I am thrilled and inspired daily by her work.
— Kristina Morris (Pacific Palisades, CA)